oh, hey.

I've worked at BuzzFeed for four years in a number of different roles; first, as a Social Web Writer for Buzzfeed BFF, a labs team which figured out cool new ways of storytelling and content creation on social media; now, as a Senior Manager, bringing out the best in my team and making sure our relationships with clients and our own work are as positive and innovative as they can be.

I’m formerly the Community Manager at GoldieBlox, though my official title was Sympathetic Magician. GoldieBlox is a toy company whose goal is to give girls choices beyond Barbie and Bratz, and encourage how amazing and inventive young girls are capable of being. If they inspire the next generation of female engineers while they’re at it, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. I handled long- and short-term strategy for their email and social properties and acted as Editorial Director of their brand voice, online content, and blog.

I cut my teeth doing social media at Upworthy, an up-and-coming media startup focused on making meaningful content go as viral as a video of a cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba and chasing a duckling.

My first major investment in internet writing began in college with the blog Big Fat Feminist, on which I examined weight stigma and fatphobia in Western culture, gave advice to the best of my ability, and encouraged people to like themselves a whole lot more.

My background is in inexplicably popular niche blog creation, both fiction and nonfiction writing, feminist advocacy, teenage dreaming, and overachieving student-dom. I’ve also done stand-up comedy and spoken word.