Neil Gaiman On Storytelling In The Age Of The Internet And Other Oddities / Buzzfeed, november 2015.

“I want a diversity of viewpoint in every way, and diverse things include just the inside of other heads. It’s wonderful. Other cultures, other places. We have to go there. We have to experience these things.”

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Sebastian Stan / Buzzfeed, august 2015.

 "I miiiiight have teared up slightly at this Inside Out movie. I might have felt the salt of my own tears."

Why Is Fan Fiction So Powerful? a conversation with rainbow rowell / buzzfeed, may 2015

"I think, when we love a story, we want to make it our own. We want to bring it inside ourselves. But, for me, most of the stories I loved were about white, straight men. And they were mostly stories without romantic love. So, I think, when we love a story like Sherlock or Lord of the Rings, it’s natural to want to bring it into ourselves, and add the things we’re longing for."