We Tested 24 Pairs Of Affordable Skinny Jeans And These Are The Best / BuzzFeed, September 2016.

As they stretched out, they began to slide down my body — at which point the seam in the crotch started rubbing on my thighs. Is this what wearing a burlap sack as penance for your sins is like? Or is that more comfortable?

I Got An IUD And This Is What I Learned / BuzzFeed, July 2016.

I genuinely feel so hashtag blessed to live in this world of five years of no pregnancy, and can’t wait until technology advances this shit far enough that it doesn’t feel like getting shot in the uterus.

14 Stages Of Going For A Run For The First Time In Forever / BuzzFeed, May 2016.

The reality of your physical ability — something slightly less than Steve Rogers before super serum — begins to sink in. Nonetheless you persevere. You are a cheetah. You are a magnificent horse. You are moving faster than that giant stroller with off-road wheels, at least. You are definitely not going to die.

14 Ways I Learned To Be A Happy Plus-Size Woman / BuzzFeed, May 2016.

But it’s OK. I’m OK. You’re OK. We are all ridiculous, incredible, beautiful balls of human emotion cloaked in a body that was given to us by genes and circumstance. Life is too short not to believe wholeheartedly that you are just as incredible, beautiful, and worthwhile as everybody else.